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2018-03-21 : LATEST NEWS : Our CIMB account is back to normal. Thank you. | WEEKLY LUCKY DRAW 12/03/2018-18/03/2018 Congratulations to the following Winners: 1st Prize - ERICLA***, AZIM3***, HANSOM*** 2nd Prize - MOHANA1***, MATTA3***, CIPROW***, NAFFIZA***, SAFARI*** 3rd Prize - COT***, DAVIDDA***, RICKYC***, TCH7***, WAI9*** Special - JOEY1***, ONGB***, THON***, BULLET***, MC3***, DARREN3***, CIPRO***, MANK***, NEOHBEEKH***, SIEW*** CONSOLATION - RAYMOND***, NURULSUHAD***, PIONES***, HAZEL***, VIVIAN5***, YEE***, HENG***, TONY1***, JACK***, OPP*** Kindly contact us thru LIVE CHAT as soon as possible before 25/03/2018 or your winning prize will being forfeited, thank you. | Our bank account will be changed from time to time. You can contact us at Live Chat any time to check our Latest Bank Account. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. | PLEASE TAKE NOTE SCR888 has changed brand name to 918Kiss. Kindly update your SCR888 apps to 918Kiss, thank you. | Dear All, Our Wechat and Whatsapp has changed, Kindly contact us through our new Wechat: csroll996 and Whatsapp: 010-772 5560, Thank you. | We would like to inform our members, if Roll996 website is not available. Please kindly use our secondary website: www.roll888.com | Great News!! New products Sexy Baccarat, SCR888, SKY3888, GoldDeluxe and Legend Gaming has been launched! Let's try our new products now :) | Good News! Members that deposit accumulated for specified amount during the Weekly Lucky Draw period will have the opportunity to win BIG PRIZES!
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