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Among the favorite games on Roll996 slot casino are its slot games and slot machines which allow customers to play some games for free and to try their luck to win some cash.

Roll996’s slot games include Playtech, Maxbet, Gameplay, BBIN and Spade Gaming while its free slot machine games are Gameplay.

Roll996’s slot games are interesting because of various reasons.


Roll996’s slot games and machines are entertaining and bets start from low to high. There are a multitude of slot machine games to pick from, each of them with its own theme and adrenalin level.

The computer graphics make the slot games come alive which adds to the enjoyment of playing the games.

Easy to learn

Slot machines are also easy gambling games to learn and you can study the rules at your leisure without worrying about holding up the game.

What’s required is to spin and try to get similar symbols lined up to win. It’s that easy and is suitable even for beginners.

At Roll996, we have designed our website so that the slot games are easy to view and straightforward.

Easy access from mobile devices

Roll996’s Malaysian online casino allows you to play your favorite slot machines games without the need to be at a computer or download any software.

The prevalence of smart phones has also made it now easier than ever to play slot games on your mobile phone.


Players can have the flexibility of making low or high bets on slot machine games.

Because the minimum bets are small, you can explore various betting options while learning the basics of the slot games.

Meanwhile, it’s easy to switch between slot games. So players can move from one slot machine game to another which they may find more interesting.

Earn some money

Winnings from Roll996’s slot machines are assured.

YesCasino, Malaysia’s largest online casino marketplace gave Roll996 a score of 7.6 for fast withdrawal while users rated Roll996 8.4 for fast withdrawal.

As one of Malaysia’s premier online casinos, Roll996 has secure deposits and withdrawal options via ATM, internet transfer or local bank transfers via Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank, RHB or Hong Leong Bank.

Free spins

Roll996 gives out free spins. As a result, free spin winners can use their winnings to accumulate more winnings.

So customers can start with very low capital deposit. The free games let you try playing without depleting your funds.

Beginner players also get to enjoy the free slot games while learning the basics of playing slot machines.


Roll996 utilizes the latest secure technology to ensure security and privacy for all players.

All information logged into Malaysian online casino, Roll996, is encrypted and transmitted through secure technology between software and server.

Roll996’s system ensures every transaction is valid after a verification process so that customers can be confident of security in all of their transactions.


YesCasino, Malaysia’s largest online casino marketplace gave Roll996 a score of 7.7 for attractive bonus while users rated Roll996 8.3 for attractive bonus. Roll996 offers various bonuses for its slot machine players.

Referral bonus - All Roll996 active members with a minimum deposit of MYR100 who refer new members for slot games will receive a referral bonus of MYR20 after a verification process.

50% daily deposit bonus - Active Roll996 members can claim a 50% bonus once per day on deposits made daily, with a maximum bonus payout of up to MYR300.

Daily rebates for slot machines and slot games

Rebates for Roll966’s slot casino, slot machines and slot games are up to 1%. While some casinos calculate the rebate weekly, Roll966’s rebates are calculated daily, giving customers more money to gamble.

So try online casino Roll996’s slot machines and slot games today.

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