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With Roll996 live casino, gamers can play directly at some of the world’s largest online casinos from Asia and Europe.

Roll996’s customers also get an unlimited cash rebate of 0.80%. This daily cash rebate can be withdrawn without any turnover requirements.

Roll996’s live casino games combine the thrill of the real gaming floor with the convenience of play-anywhere games on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

Because live casino is about people, interaction and a real-time shared suspense, it has become one of the fastest growing segments in the gaming industry.

By partnering some of the world’s best gaming companies, Roll996’s live casino offers games that are highly entertaining, exciting and provide fair, good winning odds with transactions that are highly secure.

Roll996’s live casino offers players a seamless experience on the games they want to play and where they play from. Players only need one account and one wallet for all their gaming activities.

Irregardless of their skill levels, players can indulge in their favorite interactive games either alone or with friends in the privacy of their homes or other venues.

Roll996’s live casino is especially appealing to customers who enjoy online casino games but yet want to interact with real people in a live environment.

Its live casino offers a more social experience where players play and interact with each other and the dealers within the game.

In fact, Roll966’s live casino is becoming increasingly popular as a younger generation familiar with tablets and other mobile devices, take up online casino games.

Having been raised on technology and gaming, most Millennials are very familiar with screen-based entertainment which form a part of their daily lives.

Roll996’s live casino delivers an experience that is ‘real’ to its gamers. We combine real-time live action, dynamic user interfaces, audio, chat, personalised user settings, live data on game results, trends and more.

Looking forward, Roll996’s partnerships with these topnotch gaming companies will deliver better ‘real’ entertainment and more thrilling games through utilising 360 video and virtual reality technologies.

Currently, Roll996’s live casino games include Live Dealer Casino with Live Lobby view, beautiful Asian & Western dealers, Live Baccarat, Live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Roulette and Online Casino Slots.

Our live online chat assistance is available 24/7 to help and guide gamers.

All this is available because of Roll996’s above par gaming partners who are among the best in the world.

Roll996’s online casino Malaysia’s live casino is fast becoming the buzzword but what is live casino and why are more people embracing it?

The key attraction in Roll996’s live casino is playing casino games with live dealers which is more exciting that regular online casino games.

Players can have the option of interacting with the live croupiers or other players at the table through the chat feature.

Because of this live feature, Roll996’s online live casino imitates the feel of actually being in the casino, while you’re playing and winning money in the comfort of your own home.

You can play at Roll996’s live casino anytime and anywhere without travelling to any casino or having to pay entry casino fees.

There is also live online chat assistance 24/7 to help and guide you.

At Roll996, our live casino games include Live Dealer Casino with Live Lobby view, beautiful Asian & Western dealers, Live Baccarat, Live Sic Bo, Live Dragon Tiger, Live Roulette and Online Casino Slots such as Slot games and Slot Machine.

Other live casino games include Playtech, AG, Maxbet, BBIN, Gameplay and IBC while sportsbook games include IBC and TBS.

Roll996 explains live casino’s growing popularity.

  1. Real time gambling with real live dealers

    When playing Roll996 live casino, a live stream is fed to your laptop, tablet or mobile device. The stream is in real-time and you can see every action the dealer makes, every card they turn over, to every spin of the roulette wheel or the throw of a dice.

    Cards are shuffled in front of you on screen to ensure complete integrity of each game. So it feels like you were in a real life casino.

  2. Live chat with dealers

    Roll996’s live casino also allows you to communicate directly with the dealers to ask questions. You can chat with the live dealer and vice versa.

  3. Peace of mind

    In addition, you will have an audit trail of each game played which allows you to review all of your playing sessions instantly.

  4. Great for beginners

    You can pick a live table with the stake limits suited for your game. You should also not have any problems finding an open table that can accommodate you and your bankroll.

    You can also pick a table suited for the pace of your game, whether it’s fast paced you want or a more relaxed speed.

  5. Less intimidating

    Playing at online live casino using live dealers for real money takes the stress and anxiety away of pulling up a chair at a blackjack or roulette table with strangers.

    At Roll996’s live casino, you can enjoy the games without worrying about the other players at the table.

  6. Convenience

    Roll996’s live casino games work on all popular mobile, tablets and computers. All that’s needed is internet connection.

    So you can enjoy Roll996’s Live Casino games from the comfort of your sofa or desk while you are doing other activities such as eating lunch or watching TV, or from the comfort of your bedroom. You can play whenever you want to, at a time of your choice.

  7. Daily rebate – among the highest of all online casinos

    One of Roll996’s unique features is its unlimited daily rebate. Roll996’s daily rebate is considered to be among the highest of all online casinos and it does not impose any turnover requirement.

    If customers of the Malaysian online casino make deposits without taking any bonus, they are eligible for the daily rebate.

    For live casino games, the daily rebate is 0.8%. The minimum payout for daily rebates on Roll996 is just only RM1.

    These rebates will be automatically credited to Roll996’s members’ accounts daily before 6pm.

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